Double Magic Slots

Double Magic Slots

Double Magic is all about classic slots game. It has a single pay line with three reels that definitely increases your chance of winning every time you spin. Double Magic is a combination of symbols, graphics and sounds that are typically found in classic slots game with the exception of the wild symbol. Double Magic is an ideal game to start learning the ropes in playing slots. With its basic rules and betting, players will be able to master the game in no time and be ready to tackle new kinds of slots games. Professional slots players will also find this game exhilarating after the complicated new slots games. There is nothing like going back to the basics to refresh you.

Magic has Rules

Double Magic, much as the same way as the other classic slots game, has its rules too. You need to learn first the different symbols that you will find in Double Magic as well as the betting rates. The minimum amount that you can bet is $0.25 while the maximum is $5. Understanding the payout table is also the key to creating your betting strategy. Of course, if you are already familiar on how to play classic slots game, you will find this game right on your alley. Double Magic is quite an interesting game to play and is definitely worth learning too. With its simple rules you will soon be a master of this game.

Magical symbols

Symbols in this game are magical since they are the key to winning big prizes. Bars, cherries, and sevens are the typical symbols that you will find here with the exception of the wild or the magic symbol which is the blue star. The blue star acts not only as a wild symbol but as a multiplier too. When you spin the blue star in any of your reel, this can act as a substitute for another symbol to get that winning combination. If you manage to spin all three blue stars, you will be winning the jackpot prize. Cherries on the other hand are the best symbol here since you get to win a prize even if you only manage to spin one. Bars and sevens have their own corresponding prizes so be sure to watch out for them as well. Double Magic offers more than just the usual slots game. Here you will be engrossed in spinning the reels and hope that magic favors you.