Golden Goose Winning Wizards Slots

There are many reasons why people play online slots but one of the major reasons why they keep playing the same games over and over again is the additional stuff that you find in the game. These things could be special features, more combinations or bonus rounds to help players get more coins whenever they play.

But there are likewise very simple slots games online that have fewer combinations or winning paylines just to break-in the newbies into the fast-paced world of online slots. If you're not yet used to playing online slots, these simple games can get you acquainted with the game so you can gain a bit of online expertise about it before you start playing big time.

Microgaming has all types of online slots for all types of players.

Golden Goose Winning Wizards Slot

Golden Goose Wining Wizards is yet again a part of the series of Golden Goose online slots made especially by Microgaming. This time around, the theme of this Golden Goose game has wizardry, sorcery, magic spells and all that as its basis.

This game has five reels and twenty paying lines. The maximum bet you can make per game is fifty dollars and you can win as much as twenty thousand coins in one game! This is indeed a good way to earn a few extra bucks while having the time of your life playing online.

The lay-out and design is actually the best one among all the other slots belonging to the Golden Goose series.

The Golden Goose Lays Eggs

With this game, you will surely see the golden goose laying eggs for you, figuratively, once you start playing. There are icons here that can help you out: a Wild icon and a Scatter both present to ultimately increase your winnings.

An image of the Wizard is your Wild icon in the game and he can replace any of your images on your reels excluding the Scatter icon, in order for you to win in the game. If you use the Wild in any of your winning combinations, you can get more coins.

The Scatter here is the crystal ball. This ball will also get you more coins than expected if you do spot it in any of your games.

Finally, the bonus round is the best part of it all because here, you can easily win more coins and since there are four varieties in the bonus feature, you get to play for more money.