Gypsy Queen Slots

Microgaming is a leading gaming software developer in the industry of online gaming and they have years of expertise so they know exactly what their market wants. This is highly evident in their roster of online slot games that range from the easiest to the most challenging ones all for the benefit of their players.

But whether easy or challenging, you will find that any of the online slots provided by Microgaming are user-friendly, very easy to navigate and not complex in any way. The easy to challenging range is actually for players who want to start slow and then work their way up to the higher-paying lines with more stakes and combinations.

The Gypsy Queen sot is a perfect game to play when you want to go up to the higher-stakes games.

Getting to Know the Gypsy Queen

Microgaming's Gypsy Queen online slot has five reels and twenty paying lines a good feature in itself already as you have more chances of winning per spin. You can bet up to a maximum of ten dollars per line totaling your total bet to two hundred dollars if you bet on all lines in every game.

This is why this game is not for those looking to play small-time since you could easily lose track of your bankroll here if you don't watch out.

The graphics are excellent and the lay-out is very easy on the eyes so you can play for many hours without tiring your eyes. The images are all typical of the gypsy world with performers, caravans and such appearing in your game.

Playing the Gypsy Queen

When you're playing the Gypsy Queen online slot, you will find that this is not like any of the other five-reel twenty-paying line slot because this one does not have a Wild icon to help you replace any of your other icons to get a winning reel.

There is however a Scatter which has several excellent ways to increase your winnings. The Scatter icon here is the gypsy's purple crystal ball and when you get two and over of this one, your winnings are automatically multiplied to the corresponding number based on how many Scatters you get.

There is also a bonus round where you can get more coins and more spins.

The Gypsy Queen is a very exciting game for those who want to play something aside from the usual 5-reel games.