Spell Bound Slots

If you're fond of witchcraft-themed slots, this one surely won't fail you. Of course, you need not fear to be burned at the stakes for playing this, since it's only a game, and what a great one it is! There's absolutely nothing complicated about this game and it'll guarantee you a full-on slots gaming fun. It only has three reels built on it but it has multiple paylines, which is really a warm invitation for slots players out there. It's a good place to start playing slots because of its simple, yet addicting gameplay.

Learn Magic in Spellbound

The game is pretty straightforward since it only has 3 reels on it and it has multiple paylines which means that there are more chances of winning. A really wise way to play with simple 3-reel slot machines is to try out the percentage method of gaming. It's pretty simple really. All you have to do is to make sure you bet on a fixed percent of your bank money on every spin. So, when you're winning, the stake goes up and while the total value on your bank decreases, so does your bets. It's a pretty play-safe manner of playing slots that's recommended for beginners. Now you know how to bet appropriately, what you need to learn about next is the machine's symbols.

Abra Kadabra! Here comes the win!

Basically, what you need to look out for in this game are the Enchantress, Owl and Amulet symbols, since they're the ones that will net you a good profit. The Enchantress symbol in the game is basically the wild symbol. Better keep an eye for it since it can be used to replace any of the game's symbols. What's more is that if you manage to get three of these Enchanters appear, you'll get a good chunk of winnings depending on the payline they appeared on. Make them appear on the first payline and you get 1,500 coins. The second payline will bring you a good 3,000 coins and on the third one, well, it's a generous 6,000 coins. There are also bar symbols available in the reels that may get you a decent amount of coins as well. They're the 3 bars, 2 bars and the single bar. What's really great about them is that even when you make three random bars appear on the paylines, you still get 5 coins as a prize. So, it's really easy to win something in this game. One thing about this machine is that you won't find any bonus games or mini games though. That's the only thing I find lacking in this machine, but hey, if you already have a good chance of winning something, you won't be looking for them anyway.