Trick or Treat Slots

Trick or Treat Slots is a fairly simple 3-reel slot machine developed by Microgaming, which has already brought forth a number of great slot machines to date. Since it only has three reels built in it, the game's pretty simple and with 3 pay lines available, there's a bigger chance for the player to win something from the spins. You can play a spin for one up to three coins, each could be worth anywhere from 25 cents up to $5, so whatever type of slots player you are, you are most welcome here.

The Game's Theme

It's basically themed after the Halloween, with the spooky sound effects and layouts; it's definitely a choice for those who love spooky things. You can hear the hooting owls and the blowing of the wind as you spin along. You'll also notice that the design of the interface is a bit dark, yet the developers are still successful in making it look colorful in terms of the symbols. Also, since the machine is developed by Microgaming, you can expect to play slots in a faster pace compared to the other complicated software. Also, the symbols all look distinct from each other, so you won't have the problem of mistaking one from another.

The Not-So Tricky Part

Well, there are a number of symbols used in the game, and you might want to focus on getting the good ones of course. There are Jack-o-Lantern symbols, bat symbols, candy bars and the like spinning around in its reels. The symbol that you might want to watch out for the most would be the Jack-o-Lanterns. These little pumpkins will net you the top prizes in the game. In the first payline, they're worth 1000 coins, on the second one they're 2000 and on the third one, they're worth 4000 if you manage to get all three of them aligned. So, it'll definitely pay to bet on the maximum bet since you won't get anything from the biggest win on the third pay line if you don't.

It's really nice to have a simple slot machine that's themed after Halloween, but the only thing I find lacking in this one is a bonus game. Any bonus game would've given the machine a lot more excitement, but I guess the developers didn't add a bonus feature mainly because they wish to make sure that the game stays fast-paced for the players.