Triple Magic Slots

Well, if you're pretty new to slots gaming and if you're looking for a simple, fun slot machine, you won't go wrong with Triple Magic. It's basically powered by Microgaming, which is a well known company nowadays. It's pretty much like a classic slot machine with all its classic symbols and sounds. The betting range is good anywhere from 25 cents up to a maximum of $10, so it will satisfy most of the players out there. You might think that since this is a three-reel slot machine based on classic slots the gameplay might get dull and repetitive. Well, the truth is, three-reel slot machines have one thing that 5 reels don't have, and that thing is the pace of the spins are generally faster as compared to the more complicated machines. With a machine like Triple Slots, you are sure to make more bets per minute, thus enjoying the game more. Don't get me wrong, you'll also enjoy the game because of the big wins you can get from playing.

Triple the Magic, Triple the Fun

The really great thing about Triple Magic Slots is that you can multiply your winnings while you play. There are a handful of symbols that are present in the reels, which keeps the game exciting. But what you really need to keep your eye on is the wild symbol, which is the Blue Star. Now, the wild symbol is a great addition to the classic game of slots mainly because it can be used to substitute any winning combination. What's really great about it is that once you do use one of them for your winning combination, your winnings will automatically be tripled. How's that for triple magic? Hey, what'll blow your mind off is when you manage to get 2 of these babies appear in your combination. Your winnings will then be 9x worth! This is a pretty handy thing when it comes to winning since your low winnings can turn into a decent one and your great wins will turn out to be an amazingly generous amount.

The Secret in Magic

One way of making sure that you enjoy the game is to have the appropriate strategy. One particular strategy I find effective when playing 3-reel, 1-payline slot games would be the percentage playing. Let's say you have $100 in your bank. All you have to do is get a fixed number of percent from your total balance in your bank. So, the outcome will be that you'll be betting more as you win more and you'll be betting less as the amount of cash from your bank drops.