Cosmic Cat Slots

For many beginners, playing online slots that have multiple paying lines and higher betting coins may seem like a sure-fire way to win. This may be true to the expert slot player but not to the beginner.

Playing slots online is not just betting on your coins and pressing the spin button. Choosing the right game is tantamount to you enjoying the game and winning at the same time. If you're new in online slots, you should definitely go for the ones that are less complicated even if you may think them boring at first.

Microgaming has all the right levels of online slots for newbies and regulars so each player is sure to have a great time and win a few coins. This makes for a good experience particularly for the newbie players.

Playing Your Cosmic Cat

Cosmic Cat is one of those games from Microgaming that will help you hold on to your bankroll for much longer so you don't get traumatized with playing online slots the first time only to lose your money with the blink of an eye.

It has a very friendly interface so any newbie will understand the entire concept of the game immediately. Cosmic Cat is a space-themed game with the Cat being its main character wearing an Astronaut's headgear; other images include the bar symbols and a mouse.

It has three reels and one paying line with a maximum of ten coins that you can bet, which means that regular slot players may find this a bit slow. But this is a great game for those who just want to play first and are not looking for the big bucks right away.

Winning in Cosmic Cat Slots

Winning in this type of slot game is pretty basic since there is only one winning line. Since there is a Wild icon here which is the Cosmic Cat itself, you can easily come up with a winning combination by replacing your other images when the Wild Cosmic Cat shows up.

The highest amount of coins you can win here is one thousand dollars with five hundred being the second-highest. The maximum coins that you can bet is only up to ten dollars which can easily give you the thousand-buck jackpot if you win.

Unfortunately, the Cosmic Cat as the Wild icon does not multiply your winnings if you make a good combination using the Wild.