Crazy Crocodiles Slots

Snapping up some crazy crocodiles is the object of the game in this three reel online slot game that has been considered as one of the longest running slots game by Microgaming. This type of game will keep slots players eager to catch those crazy crocs for a chance to win the biggest prize yet which is the jackpot. Aside from encountering the crazy crocodile you will also get to see bars that are of three of a kind as well as a red seven while spinning the reels on this online slot game. Accompanied with cool graphics and the option of toggling the sound on or off, players will certainly have a fun way of catching those crocodiles and winning lots of prizes. Learning how to play the game is easy enough since there is only a single pay line to focus on and the winning combinations are already displayed on the screen.

Snapping Up the Prize

First time slots players who wish to try their hand on Crazy Crocodiles need to learn the betting rules and symbols of this game. Since this game only has a single pay line, the rules are much simpler. Of course knowing the betting range wouldn't hurt either as this will help players plan their betting strategy. Players can bet from $0.25 to $5.00 so long as the maximum bet is three coins. Knowing what combinations to keep an eye on is also important so you can get an idea on the different symbols to look for. The best way to get the most out of the game is to play the maximum bet. This way you will have bigger odds of winning than betting by one's or two's.

Crocs, Bars and Other Symbols

Winning in Crazy Crocodiles can be achieved if you have lined up the right symbols accordingly. Of course, having an idea on the different winning combinations will play a large part in this game which is why it is advisable for players to learn them. Lining up three crazy crocodiles on your reels will earn you the jackpot which is the top prize. But that's not all. Having scattered the wild symbol which is the crocodile among your other reels will still give you the next prize. Other winning combinations include triple bars, double bars, and the sevens. These winning symbols are enough to keep anyone happy whenever playing the Crazy Crocodile.