Who Wants to be a Stallionaire! Slots

A What?

A Stallionaire, which is basically a millionaire horse in the game. It's a great example of the combination between traditional slots gaming and British gaming. It's basically a 3 reel, 1 liner slot machine with a touch of fruit slots. One glance from the visuals and you can safely say that this slot machine looks attractive. Not only do the graphics look good, but the sound is also pretty unique at that. It's not all about appearance in this machine as you can win something as big as 500 coins from your spins if you get lucky. Each coin can be worth anywhere from 0.1 to 10, so you can expect big returns when you bet a high amount and win. You're going to be a Stallionaire indeed when you win. It's also a good betting range that welcomes almost every type of player out there, may he be a small time player to a high roller. Another great thing about the game is the addition of nudges and holds wherein you can shift the reels to your favor if you have the skill for it, so you can actively engage yourself in the game which makes it more interactive and interesting.

Symbols and the Mini Game

There are a handful of symbols used in the game. You can see cigars, cars, carrots, lucky 7's, bars and the like drawn into its reels. Sad to say there aren't any wild symbols in the game that could help you get that winning combination, but its absence is pretty much compensated by the presence of the bonus game. When you make spins, some symbols may have different colored horseshoes attached to them. These horseshoes are what you need to look out for as they will get you a chance to play the bonus game. There are gold, silver or bronze horseshoes that could be attached to them. The object of this little mini game would be to get a three-row line on the grid on the left of the reels. Once you get to do just that, you will then be able to play the mini game as you spin along. The mini game is about the cash ladder, wherein you can win yourself a good 500 coins. The idea of the mini game is to spin a random number and hope that you land on a spot that is beneficial to you. It's pretty simple really.

Why Play This Game?

Overall, Who Wants to be a Stallionaire! Slots is a great slot machine for those who are looking for some good old traditional slots fun with a bit of added features. This is one of the good places to start especially if you're a beginner at these sorts of games since the game play is pretty straightforward, you won't get left alone in the dark.