Bulls Eye Slots

If you're just starting to enjoy online gaming now and you're venturing into playing online slots, you should know that there's more to the game than just playing whatever strikes your fancy at the moment.

This is not to say of course that the graphics and the sound are not important anymore but your slot game shouldn't only be based on these two factors. Microgaming understands that the player's enjoyment depends on their slot games that's why they have always tried to come up with excellent slot games complete with excellent design and graphics.

Bulls Eye Slots is one such slot that will keep you entertained and reward you with great prizes along the way.

Right on Target with Bulls Eye Slots

Bulls Eye Slots from Microgaming is an online slot game with three reels and one paying line. The maximum coins you can bet is only up to three dollars but don't let this fool you as you can win a good amount of coins in every game.

This online slot has the dart game as its theme and the graphics add to the aesthetic value of the game. The images are well-placed so you won't have any trouble recognizing each symbol and figuring out whether you spun a winning reel or not.

The Bulls Eye slot also has features that are not commonly found in other slots with three reels and one pay line which makes this one all the more exciting to play.

Hitting Your Mark

If you're thinking about playing an online slot that will give you a good chance of winning in every game, then you've chosen the right slot with Bulls Eye. You have several combinations about 8 that you can watch out for which will reward you with a certain number of coins.

And if you're still not content with that, Bulls Eye has a Bonus Round which you can get when the dart board shows up on the 3rd reel. Since this icon loves showing up most of the time, you can take advantage of the bonus games as many times as possible.

There is likewise a Wild icon that you can look out for. Here, the Wild icon is represented by the photo of the dart player. You can use the Wild to replace your other icons so you can come up with a winning combination.

If you get 3 Wilds in one reel, you have hit the jackpot and can no receive about five thousand coins!