Good to Go Slots

If you love playing slot games in casinos, you will definitely love playing their online counterparts. In fact, online slot games are even more creative when it comes to their themes and special features so you just might find that they are more fun to play and more rewarding also.

From the games themselves, you can already tell which gaming software developers are behind each title. For instance, with Microgaming's online slot games, you can tell them from the other games by their special features, lay-out and interface.

Microgaming slots are uncomplicated and very easy to understand no matter how many special features there are or how many combinations you have to watch out for. The themes are also very cool which adds to the entertainment value of the game.

Good Times with Good to Go Slot

With Good to Go online slot, you are sure to be entertained particularly if you love racings cars as this one is themed after Formula 1. This is not your usual online slot with five reels since this one has nine paying lines.

The lay-out is pretty cool with elements that you normally find in Formula 1 race tracks and the graphics are of the right size so you can see each one very clearly when they pop up on your reels.

The background sound is also that which you will hear in a race track the sound of cars flying off the tracks.

Finish First with Good to Go

If you want to finish first in this online slot, this is very possible with the help of some icons that you have to be on the lookout for. These helpful symbols are your Wild and Scatter icons.

You can't miss the Wild icon here as it's an image of a girl with a WILD sign in her hands. The Wild can replace any of your other images, excluding the Scatter, to complete a winning reel.

A picture of a speedometer serves as the Scatter here. If you get it on your 1st reel, there is an instant payout but there are also other ways that the Scatter can increase your winnings, such as spotting it three times on your screen which will open the bonus games.

There are two bonus games that you can play and each one can help you win more with bonus spins and more coins added to your payout.