Rapid Reels Slots

Who says you have to climb some mountain to feel the high of the rushing streams? With Rapid Reels Slots, a three-reel, five payline slot game developed by Microgaming, you are sure to have the same adrenaline rush given by the extreme sport that inspired it. And you don't even have to hold a paddle to do so; with Rapid Reels Slots, you can get the rush you want from all winnings you might get backed by the stimulating environment that comes with your reels.

Have Some White Water Reeling Fun

While it may have more paylines than your classic slot game, Rapid Reels Slots is easy to master. Players of other Microgaming slot games can feel right at home with the recognizable controls, layout and game structure. The graphics and the sound quality of the game is just as engaging as the other aspects of the gaming, making you feel right inside a raft in full speed.

There are just a few things to remember if you want to enjoy Rapid Reels Slots and win at the same time. If you want to hit the jackpot, be sure to play with all the paylines with the maximum number of coins allowed. Do this not because it is required for a jackpot win, but because doing so gives you with more odds and more value to win. Do that and you'll be paddling in a stream of coins in no time.

Paddle in a Stream of Coins

The icons will lead to where the winnings are so you should pay particular attention to them if you aim to the big wins. Rapid Reels Slots uses just seven reel icons, six of them are traditional icons like sevens, cherries, single bar, double bar and triple bar. If you're aiming for the big wave, then you might want to set your eyes on the Rapid Reels icon, which is a man with a paddle. You just need to get three of them on an active payline to win the jackpot. Just remember that there are five paylines in the game, each one has it own payout rate when the jackpot was triggered on them. Payline 1 for example, pays out 1,000 coins while payline 2 gives out 2,000. Payline 3 hands out 3,000 coins and payline 4 pays 4,000 coins. The top jackpot prize of the game can be won in Payline 5, where three Rapid Reels icons can give a whopping 6,000 coins.

Apart from handing out the top prize, the Rapid Reels icon is also the wild symbol of the game. Use this icon as a substitute for all other icons to form winning combinations. It is a nice addition to the game because it increases not only the number of winning combinations you can aim for, but it also increases the odds that you win more money in the game.