First Past the Post Slots

It's a well know fact that the first one who gets past the post, or the finish line, is always crowned the winner. In this slot game, that fact holds no less true as you will surely aim to be the first one to beat the finish line among all the others. How? Through a slot game with a horse racing theme, complete with the suspenseful sounds and the colorful graphics.

This game with 5 reel sand 25 paylines will surely bring out the competitive edge in you, as you struggle to get all horse symbols on the reels. You can even bet on your favored horse through the gamble feature available.

Holding Your Horses

Before even thinking of the race down the lane and playing this slot game, you must first take heed of the basics in this horse racing slot game. You first have to decide on the coin size increment that you will be wagering on: from .01$ to .10$. This means that low risk or high risk slot gamers will be given free control of how much they are willing to gamble and win in the end. The jackpot coin size is 5,000 coins with the second jackpot being 2,000 coins. You can even have this jackpot payout multiplied with all the additional features in the game.

The First Place Winners

If you want to be the first to get past the post, then you should invest on three of the most interesting symbols that perhaps aptly represent the game. They are all horse symbols the First Time Rocket, the Smokin Past You, and the Post Man. They serve as wild substitute symbols, which mean that they can complete any winning combination in place of another missing symbol. However, they can only appear in the second, third and fourth reels and cannot substitute the trophy symbol, the scatters in the game.

The Trophy symbol serves as the scatters. If two or more appear, you can win and complete a scatter combination. In fact, you can have both a regular win and a scatter combination win at the same time. That's pretty neat.

The Fastest Horses Win the Bonus

There's also a bonus feature in the game, much like how it works in a real horse race. In this bonus round, you will guess who among the three horses will win the race. If you guessed right, your winnings will be quadrupled and will get 30 Free Spins. If your guess ends up second, you get 20 Free Spins and will have your winnings tripled. If it turns out to be third, you will be given 15 Free Spins and doubled winnings.