Gladiator Slots

You were probably dozing off in History class when your professor was talking about a fascinating topic - gladiators. They are armored and skilled fighters who would battle among each other solely for entertainment. If you still don't remember what they are, then you better play Gladiator slots. This slot game with 5 reels and an amazing 50 paylines is a great way to know what gladiators really are.

What you'll immediately notice is how impressive the graphics are. With music that's sweet majesty to your ears, you will love how every symbol was portrayed in beautiful detail, each one representing what gladiators are. These symbols aim to build the perfect gladiator setting, with the symbols Gladiator, Horse-Drawn carriage, Gladiator Battle Gear and the Maiden. There are also Greek elements such as the wine, ham, harp and water fountain.

Preparing for the Battle

Before gladiators go into battle, they make sure that they are strong and headed for the win. For you to win your own battle then, you must also make the necessary preparations. First, decide on the coin size increment that you are willing to wager--.01$, .02$, .05$, .1$, and .2$. You can bet up to 100 coins per round, with the maximum bet being 100$. If you're lucky enough, you can win the battle and go home with 5,000 coins. The second jackpot isn't bad at all, with 1,000 coins in store for you.

The Gladiator's Weapons of Fortune

Some symbols bring more fortune than the others. You must keep a close eye on these symbols, as they may appear anywhere in your game and give you the fortune you've been looking for. One is the Golden Eagle symbol, the scatter of the game. You can have 100 free spins and have your winnings multiplied five times if you have two or more of it appears. The wilds symbol is the Gladiator Coin. With it, you can complete any winning combination. Lastly is the Gladiator itself and the Maiden symbol combined. If you create a mix combo of these two symbols, then you can have a multiplier of 5 to 5,000 times. Yes, winning as a gladiator is equivalent to winning it big.

Remarkable Bonuses

As if there aren't enough incentives in Gladiator slots, there's also a Free Spin round, where you can get up to 100 free spins. For it to work, you have to have 3 to 5 scatter symbols across active paylines. If these symbols appear, you will hear a booming cheer, leading to the bonus round you've been waiting for.