Harvey's Slots

When choosing which online slot game to play, you should pay attention to a few important details such as the number of reels and paying lines offered on the game plus special features that could really help you out in the game.

While the theme and graphics add to your enjoyment, especially if you're playing for long straight hours, these are not all that important as you will soon find out if you keep playing online slots.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few slots online that look really great on your screen but could offer nothing more. The good thing about Microgaming slots is that they have great graphics, excellent themes and superb features.

A good example of this is Harvey's slots.

Playing Harvey's Slots

Harvey's online slot is another brilliant game from Microgaming where the theme is kept simple but the enjoyment is pulled up to maximum heights. This slot game has five reels and twenty-five paying lines a great feature that will surely be appreciated by slot lovers everywhere.

The graphics are also kept simple food items and Harvey himself, plus card symbols Tens, Jacks, Queens, Kings and Aces. The lay-out is very clean so you can easily spot all your icons on your reels.

The colors are all well-coordinated which also helps as you won't get any headaches from staring at your computer screen for many hours while playing.

You can bet up to a maximum of five hundred coins for every game but you should only do so if you are already very adept at playing online slots. Otherwise, you could say goodbye to your bankroll in a huff.

Winning in Harvey's Slots

Winning is also very easy here as there are more paying lines than your other five-reel slots; plus there is a special gamble feature which can multiply your winnings even more if you are willing to take the risk.

The most helpful icons here are you Wild and Scatter icons.

The Wild icon here is wild Harvey. He can chow up one all your reels at any given time and you can replace any of your other icons excluding the Scatter and Bonus trigger, to come up with a perfect combination.

The Scatter is a picture of mints placed on a platter. If you get two or more of this, you will be rewarded a corresponding prize.

Finally, the Bonus feature is opened when you spot a Champagne bottle on your 2nd and 4th reels.