Game On! Slots

Football and Safari?

Well, a lot of slot machines nowadays use random themes. Game On! Slots is a traditional slot machine with 3 reels built into it with a single pay line. It's themed after football (soccer for Americans) and jungles. What can I say? There's a picture of John Motsy with a full safari gear on and a bunch of animals. Regardless, the design still looks interesting enough to make people want to play on it. It's been developed by the well known Microgaming company, which already has provided us with many different titles in the slots gaming world. You might think that with its single pay line, it's pretty difficult to win something out from your spins, but you could be just wrong. There is a bonus feature in-game that will surely give you the chance to get some extra cash while you play plus the wild symbol will surely help you get that winning combination from every spin you make.


Game On! Slots offers its players a good range of well designed symbols. The player will not get confused over one symbol from another since the symbols can be easily told apart from one another. Traditional symbols like bells, 7's, and lemons can be found in its reels. What you would want to get are the world cup symbols which will grant you the jackpot worth 100 coins, and each coin could be worth anything from 0.10 to 10. So, it's still a pretty decent win. Another symbol that's of interest to the gamers is the football icon. This little baby will grant you the chance to play the bonus game.

Bonus Games

Well, as there is only a single payline available in the game, there is a compensation for it. The bonus game is pretty simple, really. All you have to do to get access to it is to get all three of the football symbols to appear on the screen, may it be on the payline or not. Once you got them to appear, you have to stop the meter at the right time to receive big rewards. You can get 100 coins, 250 coins or even as huge as 1000 coins from the bonus game. Now that's something to be happy about.

Overall, if you're looking for a fun slot machine that has a unique theme into it with a simple, yet rewarding bonus game, this video slots won't fail you.