Happy New Year Slots

It is untimely to discuss the New Year Celebration given that it's already the summer holidays; but for the people of Microgaming, it is a moment of prosperity and generosity. The Happy New Year Slot is just a mere demonstration of the diversity of the Asian people. This slot game is dedicated to the Asian people who are celebrating the Chinese New Year (celebrated on the 26th of January). For these Asian people, the New Year is a time for luck to come in. They tirelessly clean their houses and use fireworks to ward off evil spirits. They also incorporate the color red to all their decors; red is a color of fortune. Without a doubt, Microgaming has captured the essence of this tradition and developed a game that you will surely enjoy.

Happy New Year powered by Microgaming is a three reel five pay line slot game that offers massive payouts and great bonuses. The game emulates the traditional New Year's celebration with its crimson background. The game also has the perfect background music that surely compliments the theme. The reels are spinning smoothly while the payout structure is excellent. The game play is not so hard to understand plus the betting options are very accommodating.

Symbols are Part of Tradition

In Microgaming's Happy New Year Slot, symbols are rather the most important factor if you wish to take the fortune it offers. The game features Chinese-related symbols that are essential in celebrating the New Year. Players can start the game with only $1 and wage up to $25 (maximum wager of $125 per spin). Happy New Year Slot definitely has the potential to bring you the fortune you've always wanted. You can win up to 60,000 coins in total winnings. When playing Happy New Year Slot, be aware of the winning combinations so that you can strategize effectively. Keep in mind that the game pays from left to right.

Start the Year Right and Receive Your Well-Deserved Reward

Celebrating the New Year could only mean a new opportunity to thrive and to make your year even more prosperous, and with this, Happy New Year Slot has a wild symbol which substitutes for all the remaining symbols. The Chinese Wild Script is the wild symbol of the game and by hitting it, you can double, triple or quadruple your winnings (up to 2400 bonus coins). What a remarkably generous reward, isn't it?