Living in Luxury Slots

Living in Luxury Slots

Living in Luxury slot is definitely one of Microgaming's high profiled video slot games. This is never a walk around the park. You'll definitely be living large and experiencing the good life. Living in Luxury slot is a classic three-reel, one pay line slot machine that has exciting bonus features. The game has a simple yet impressively detailed graphics. Sound effects are also essential in order to make the game more exciting. Aside from the game's impressive interface and graphics, living in Luxury slot also makes it possible for players to get to the cash and bonuses. You don't need to be master of slots; sheer luck and wit are the two main ingredients to win.

Winning in Living the Luxury is definitely not a grueling journey. With only $2, you can try playing this game and you can move up a notch and bet the maximum amount of $10. If you're lucky, you can win up to 1,600 coins or $8,000. Quite tempting, isn't it?

A game of Living in Luxury Slot is an absolutely unique experience. If you're tired of the same old classic slot game, then divert your attention to Living in Luxury Slot.

Symbols That Will Surely Make Your Day Rich

Get ready to live the life of royals while enjoying the game of Living in Luxury Slot. It is important to have a clear understanding of the game play, the rules and the payout structure. Besides that, you should also take good care of the symbols. Impeccable symbols like the 7's, cherries and the special Living in Luxury symbol are out for grabs. Spin three 7's across the reel and you can win up to 200 coins but if you hit three of the living in luxury symbol, you can win 800 to 1,600 coins.

An Exclusive Bonus Not Only for the Rich and Famous

Become rich and famous by playing Living in Luxury Slot. A hefty bonus is not only for the elite but for the dark horse as well. Players who worked hard to win will definitely receive a well-deserved reward. Try hitting the multiplier symbol and you can get a chance to double, triple or quadruple your winnings. Keep one's eyes on the special living in luxury symbol. This is the wild symbol of the game that substitutes for all the remaining symbols in the game. If you hit three of this symbol, you can win up to $8000.