Lucky Charmer Slots

Feeling lucky today? Maybe you've brought your lucky charm.

Microgaming has launched an incredible slot game that will surely make you feel lucky all day, all the time. Lucky Charmer Slot, as the game implies, is a Microgaming slot game that does not only offer the most enticing prizes but also gives out extreme bonuses. The Lucky Charmer slot attracts luck and shares it indefinitely to deserving players.

Lucky Charmer Slot is another classic video slot powered by Microgaming. It has three reels and one pay line. The game has a snake charmer theme with very insidious symbols like the King Cobra. Unless you're gifted with charming snakes, you'll need a lot of luck to hypnotize one. Basically, Lucky Charmer Slot emulates the user interface of other Microgaming slots yet it also illustrates a distinct feature that no other slot games have. A game of Lucky Charmer will be an exceptional experience not only for novices but for experts as well.

Microgaming's Lucky Charmer Slot accommodates players of all sorts. The unique thing about this game is it only allows one coin denomination. You can only bet $1 and a maximum amount of $3.00 per spin. Despite this intriguing frill, Lucky Charmer has proved its worth because you can win up to 5,000 coins and get a chance to play the bonus round for more prizes. Quite a convincing lucky charm, isn't it?

Choose the Best Flute to Reveal your Booty

Lucky Charmer Slot casually uses the traditional slot symbols like cherries, bars and 7's; however, this game also has themed-symbols to make the game more authentic. While cherries, bars and 7's are always part of the routine, the green and king cobras are relatively the most important ingredient to make you lucky enough to win the jackpot prize of up to 5,000 coins. Try your luck and see if Lucky Charmer slot will spit out big prizes for you.

Be the Best Lucky Charmer and Receive a Hefty Wager

Hypnotize the King Cobra with your flute and receive a hefty reward. Lucky Charmer Slot is quite unique from other Microgaming slots because its wild symbol only substitutes for the green cobra so you can increase your chances of winning the top prize. It also works as a trigger for the bonus round.

In the bonus round, you'll be welcomed by the snake charmer sitting on the carpet and next to three different flutes. You have to select a flute and see what items you can charm out of the baskets. The items inside the basket have matching coin values of up to 5,000 coins. Playing Lucky Charmer Slot will definitely be an extraordinary gaming experience.