Fortuna Slots

From Microgaming comes yet another fun and exciting video slots game which is Fortuna. Fortuna is composed of three reels, five pay lines and a prize higher than what you are accustomed to. The five pay lines that you can activate are the traditional three horizontal and two diagonals. The amount of coin ranges from 0.25 to 5. Betting the maximum amount can be an ideal move especially if you want to have a bigger chance of hitting the prize. Combined with smooth graphics and sounds that are reminiscent of the slots in casinos, Fortuna is something that you wouldn't want to miss as this game not only reminds you of those slot machines but also has a high amount of jackpot.

Playing Fortuna

Since this game is almost the same as the other video slots, you may already be familiar with the interface. You will see the reels on the left side of the screen and on the right is the payout table. Below is where you will find the buttons for this game. Knowing the different symbols is also important since they are the ones that you will be encountering as you spin the reels. You should also determine your betting strategy so you can keep a limit to your spending. Fortuna is quite easy once you get to understand its interface and with constant practice you will soon become a master.

Learning Which Symbols to Watch Out for

Just like the other video slots game, Fortuna's icons are also the same with the exception of the wild symbol. You will see cherries, sevens, BARs and the wild symbol which is the Fortuna icon. Matching three of these symbols has a corresponding prize which you can see in the payout table. Lining up three Fortuna icons on your active line wins you the jackpot. Since the Fortuna icon is a wild symbol, whenever you spin it in an active line, it gets to act as another icon to give you a winning combination. With Fortuna having a five pay line, the chances of getting a prize may be a little difficult but not impossible. The cherries are still there to give you an instant win regardless of whether you spin only one icon in your active line. However, if you are willing to take a risk, betting the maximum five lines will definitely increase your chances of winning more than just the ordinary prizes but you can also stand to win the jackpot.