Vegas Fortune Slots

Well, one thing that's really worth noting here in Vegas Fortune Slots is that it aims to let the players experience what classic slot gaming is all about. Vegas Fortune Slots is basically a 3-reel slot machine developed by Microgaming, which means that you can expect good classic, fast-paced yet fun gaming while you take your spins. The design and sound effects can seem a bit familiar since they've been used in the other slot games from Microgaming, but if you're looking for that classic feel, you'll really be glad about it. In Vegas Fortune, you can win as big as 5000 coins, each coin ranging anywhere from 25 cents up to $5. You can only bet one coin at a time and there are a total of 5 pay lines available, so it's all good. If you're a beginner at these sorts of games, this is a great place to start. The layout is definitely grand, since it's all done by Microgaming, and you can expect a good gameplay if you liked their earlier creations.

The Symbols

The game has some good symbols put up in its reels. You can see the traditional symbols such as lucky 7's and of course the 3 bars, 2 bars and the single bar. What you would want to appear in the lines is of course, the wild symbol, which in this case is the golden dollar sign. The golden dollar sign can replace any type of symbol in the reels, so there's actually a bigger chance of you winning something from the spins. What's more is that if you're lucky enough to get three of them to appear on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th line, you get 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 or 5000 coins respectively. This is a really big win if you ask me. Now, if you're pretty new to slot gaming, you would want to have a decent strategy for starters.

Net that Fortune!

Well, for the newer batch of players, it is always a good thing to play with a strategy. One really good way of playing slots on the safe side is to have a set amount of cash for playing and use a certain percentage of the total budget every spin. So, let's say if you choose to use 5% of the total cash every spin, you'd be betting more as you win more and you'll be betting less as your cash decreases. Also if you notice that you're winning big money, you might want to set aside some amount and continue betting 5% of what's left.