Flying Ace Slots

Flying Ace Slots

Become a flying ace in this slot game based in the traditional design of classic slots. Flying Ace is equipped with three reels and five pay lines that when you hit a winning combination, prizes will keep coming in. The creators of Flying Ace had remained faithful to its theme so aside from the usual icons, you will also find something that is related to the Flying Ace like the lucky ladies and aces. With a larger prize waiting for you, Flying Ace sets itself apart from the other classic slots game. The background of Flying Ace pays tribute to this pilot and the other icons. Though the sounds are much the same as the other slots game, the combination of simplicity and new graphics still makes it another game worthy to play. Slots players will be hooked in this game especially when it comes to the prizes waiting.

Rules of the Ace

The interface of the Flying Ace is easy enough to understand. The reels are to the left of the screen, while the payout table is on the right. The buttons are located below the screen. Familiarizing yourself with the layout of Flying Ace can also help you with other slots games that have the same interface. Other things that you should know are the symbols as well as the amount that you can bet. The values of the coin ranges from 0.25 to 5 so if you want to get the most out of the game, prepare to risk a little by betting the maximum number of pay line.

The Symbols of the Flying Ace

Determining the different symbols that you will encounter in the Flying Ace is important as these are the keys to the best prizes. You will encounter BARs, the lucky ladies, A for Ace, and of course the Flying Ace. These symbols have their own corresponding prizes depending on how many you line up and whether they fall in your active line. The Flying Ace is the best symbol in this game as this is called the wild symbol. As the wild symbol it can take the place of any other symbol in your active line and turn it into a winning combination. Of course, lining up three of these symbols will make you an instant jackpot winner. Risking a little of your money and betting the maximum number of coins will help increase the odds of you winning a lot.