Flower Power Slots

Flower Power Slots

If you want to take a trip down the sixties era, then Flower Power is the slot game for you. Based on the 60s, this slot game is composed of three lines and three reels that are just like the other classic slot games that Microgaming has created with the difference in its theme and prizes. A profusion of psychedelic colors is enough to keep your eyes on the reels and the animation provides you with a feeling of playing in a traditional slot machine which is lacking on some games. Flower Power is color filled and exciting especially when you start winning. This game is definitely something worth playing.

Down to the Rules

For those who are indeed thinking of trying their luck in this slot game, it is better to learn the rules first. Learning the components of the game will give you a better understanding of this game. This includes the buttons, betting ranges, and symbols. Players can bet from $0.25 to $5 as they play either a single up to three coins which is the maximum number of coins that you can play. This way you will be increasing your odds of winning prizes and the jackpot. Learning the payout table is also an advantage as this will give you an idea on how much you are willing to gamble to get the jackpot.

Symbols That Matter

To go swinging in this hip 60s slots game, identifying the symbols in the game is important. After all these symbols are your keys to winning great prizes. Since this slot is based on the sixties, you will find peace signs, flowers, and of course the BAR symbol. The Flower Power symbol on the other hand is your wild symbol and can take the place of other symbols in the reel to make a winning combination. Line up three Flower Power symbols and you will be getting the jackpot. Whether you have bet a single coin to three coins, the amount of coins that you will be receiving will also increase. The jackpot prizes are as follows, 1,500 for a single coin, 3,000 for two coins, and 5,000 for three coins. So if you wish to hit the biggest jackpot you need to risk your money by betting the maximum number of coins as well as the maximum amount that you can bet. Who knows, your risk may make you a winner.