Zany Zebra Slots

Zany Zebra Slots

Zany Zebra Slots is a traditional 3-reel slot machine made by Microgaming. Since it's Microgaming that developed Zany Zebra Slots, you can expect smooth gameplay, classic slot machine sounds and music and addicting spins.

The Features of Zany Zebra Slots

The first thing that I've noticed in the game is that it has 5 paylines overall, and you can bet a coin per line. Each coin can be worth anywhere from 25 cents up to $5, so you can expect big, big prizes from this one. In this game, you can win something as big as 6000 coins! It really is a great choice if you're up for some traditional slot machine gaming with some big winnings. Now, the appearance of the whole visual slot machine is pretty attractive and colorful. It's based on classic slot machines that can be found in real casinos, thus giving you that feel that you're actually in one. The symbols are also well done. They look very unique from one another and the symbols that give you big winnings are easily spotted as the spin ends, so the pace of the game won't be slowed if the player is in a rush spinning.

Look for Zany!

Well, there are a number of symbols in the game that will net you some coins if you manage to get them together. There are symbols in the game like 7's, bars a Bell and such. But if you're looking for some good wins, you'd better pray for the zebra to pop up. The zebra is the wild symbol in the game and it will surely help you in a situation since it can replace any symbol in the reels. But wait, that's not all about the wild symbol in the game. Once you get three of the zebras to appear in any lines (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th lines), you will get jackpots as big as 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 or even 6000 respectively. Now that's a great way to make use of the wild symbol.

Well, sad to say, this slot machine doesn't have any bonus games or other cooler features in it. But it really won't be such a big deal since there are already 5 pay lines in total and the prizes that can go for 6000 coins, you won't be asking for more. What's more is that you can go play continuous games in a faster pace that way.