Jewel Thief Slots

Jewel Thief Slots

Yearning for an extraordinary classic video slot game? Here's a terrific slot game that will surely keep the fun alive. Jewel Thief Slot is an incredible classic three reel, three pay line slot machine that offers great prizes and exciting frills. With all these amazing offers and more, you'll surely discover that Jewel Thief is not just a mere traditional slot machine. This game is your perfect challenge.

Jewel Thief is a video slot game powered by Microgaming. This theft of jewel-inspired game definitely offers something fresh and enthralling just for you. What makes this game exciting? Well, let's start with the game's bright and lucrative graphics plus the melodious night sound that adds to the sheer mystery of the game. There is an overflowing lot of gold and jewels waiting for you to take. Unlike any other Microgaming slots, Jewel Thief is the most suitable game for beginners. Because of these added features, the game will never be the same. A massive amount of 6,000 coins is waiting for the lucky player. With only $0.10, you can start spinning the reel and if you're bold enough, you can bet the maximum amount of $15.00 and increase your chances of winning the top award.

Unlock the Safe and Grab the Jewel Thief's Loot

Jewel Thief slot basically follows the theft of jewel theme so in the same manner, the main symbols used in the game include the Jewel thief icon, combination lock on safe, the traditional bar symbol and the lucky 7. Remember to watch out for these icons and form the winning combination. All you need to do is reveal three identical icons across the reel and you're up for the most incredible prizes. Get a chance to win 3,000 to 6,000 coins depending on your wager.

Whether you're a novice or an expert, Jewel thief slot will definitely be an exciting addition to your repertoire. This is the perfect remedy for players who are just bumming around. Try your luck and maybe you can retrieve the treasures from the Jewel Thief!

Capture the Jewel Thief and Get your Reward

Without the jackpot prize, Jewel Thief will never be the same. It is important that you catch the Jewel thief so you can receive your well-deserved bonus. The jewel thief icon is the special symbol of the game. This is considered as the wild symbol that substitutes for all the remaining symbols across the reel. For instance, if you reveal two jewel thief icons and one 3-bar symbol, you can win up to 3,000 coins but if you hit three of these jewel thief icons, you can win the top award of 6,000 coins.