Diamond 7's Slots

Diamond 7's Slots

For those who can't get enough of the classic slot machines then Diamond 7's is another type of slots that you would be delighted to play. Based on the common slot machines, this game is easy to learn and of course to master. This type of slot machine has a single pay line, with three coins and three reels to play with. Equipped with eye-catching graphics and sounds, players would be kept on their seats as they wait where the reels stop. Though this is not exactly a great game, it still is worthy enough to catch the attention of slots players. This is the perfect game for those who want to get bigger chances of hitting the winning combination. Diamond 7's just like the other Microgaming slots games are the best means for novices to learn how slots are played. With the option of practicing first, players can hone their skills before using real money in betting.

Rules in Winning

Diamond 7's is easy enough to understand due to its simplicity. Learning the rules of the game is the best way for first time players to get the feel of the game. Understanding the betting rates can help you determine your strategy especially when you are playing for real money. Betting ranges from $0.25 to $10 which when you hit the jackpot earns you $25,000. Of course, learning the different winning combinations is also a must so you know what to expect when the reels stop. Playing the maximum number of coins will definitely give you the better odds of hitting the jackpot. You can bet using one to three coins so make sure to make the most out of your bets.

Diamonds Rule

Symbols are important in any slot machine games as these items will help you win big prizes. In Diamond 7's you have four types of symbols to look out for, the cherries, bars, sevens and of course the Diamond 7. Having a line made up of Diamond 7s will earn you the jackpot prize while the other symbols have their own equivalent payout. The bars ranges from single to triple so the corresponding prizes also vary. Lining up cherries will also give you a prize as well as having one cherry in your line. Playing Diamond 7's is the perfect start for those who will be playing slot machines to the next level. Just check out the pay out table on your screen to see how much each combination is worth.