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Fantastic 7 Slots

Fantastic 7 is an online slot game that is based on the very lucky number seven. Packed with more than just your ordinary prizes, Fantastic 7 also have cool graphics and sounds that add to charm to this slot game. Created by Microgaming, Fantastic 7 can provide both first time slots players as well as professionals a chance to practice their skills in betting as well as spinning the reels. With three reels and a single pay line, a chance of hitting the right combination has definitely increased. Though you may think this game is simple in its design, the creators have added a burst of color that attracts your eyes, not to mention the icons that you will be seeing in your reels. Fantastic 7 definitely a game to be enjoyed by everyone.

The Rules of Sevens

Understanding the rules of Fantastic 7 is easy as a breeze especially if you are already familiar with classic slots. For those who haven't played slots yet, never fear, this game is simple enough to understand so you will become a master in no time. It is best to start with identifying the controls of the game, especially what button to push to spin the reels and also the buttons for controlling your bets. The amount that you can bet ranges from $0.25 to $10. So if you want to increase your odds on hitting the much coveted jackpot, play the maximum bet.

Symbols of Luck

Fantastic 7 has much to offer you aside from the common theme. Symbols are really important especially in a slots game because they will help you earn prizes. The payout table for each winning group is displayed in your screen so you can get an idea. Since Fantastic 7 is based on the theme lucky seven, there are some common symbols already present. You will find BARs, cherries and different kinds of sevens in the reels. Lining them up will result in some favorable prizes. The best symbol that you should be keeping an eye out is the seven that has psychedelic colors as this will give you the biggest prize of all which is the jackpot. Lining up all three psychedelic sevens will make you a winner of the pot. Of course the other symbols have their corresponding prizes which are indicated in the payout table. The cherries provide you with an instant win whether you spin only a single cherry or three.