Froot Loot Slots

Froot Loot may have some similarities to other classic slots games that have three reels and a single pay line, but still it has some other features that is lacking in the others. Froot Loot is different from the rest by the amount of prizes that you can win, not to mention the colorful graphics that the creators have employed to attract the eyes of slots players. If you are thinking of advance animation or sounds, you might be disappointed as Froot Loot may be sticking to the traditional one but the overall effect is far better. Players who are looking for a break from the overly complicated slots that are dominating the online casinos, then Froot Loot may be the solution. This is also an ideal stepping board for all novices who wish to try their hands on slots.

Frooty Rules

As with all other slots games, knowing the mechanics of the game is important. Getting to know the interface can go a long way especially since the other slots have the same playing interface. The reels are located in the left side while the payout table is on the right. The buttons that you need to work with are located below the screen. The amount of each coin ranges from 0.25 to 5 so you can always bet the maximum. You also need to pay attention to the symbols that you will be encountering in Froot Loot as these icons represent the prizes that can be won. So if you are willing to take a little risk to get the jackpot or bring home fantastic prizes, bet the maximum number and see your chances go higher.

To Get the Loot, Know the Symbols

Froot Loot can be considered as your typical slots game with a fruity twist. You will find the usual BAR symbol and also fruit symbols on your reels. These icons are quite colorful and will definitely catch your eyes. Pay attention to the winning combinations and its corresponding prizes which can be seen on the payout table which is on the right side of the screen. The best icon in this game so far is the fruits basket which when you line up three of these in your reels will land you the jackpot. Froot Loot is simple enough with its design and graphics because the creators wish you to focus on the reels themselves. This way you will be able to think on how much you will be betting and to get to know the rules of the game.