Pub Fruity Slots

Beer and Fruits. You guessed it; it's another one of those colorful fruit themed slot machines. Well, not entirely though, it's half fruit, half British pub themed. Pub Fruity Slots is a traditional slot machine with 3 reels built into it. It focuses more on that classic slots gaming experience as it only has one payline available. It's developed by Microgaming which basically means that what you can expect here are some fast-paced gaming, classic feel and traditional slots sound effects and music. If you are pretty much interested in playing some classic games of slots, this fruit basket won't disappoint. Although it might seem a little difficult for you to get something out from your spins mainly because of the single pay line available, you'll want to reconsider since you'll get a chance to get free spins and there is also this nifty little bonus feature available in this video slot machine. Coin size here can go from 0.1 up to 10, and the maximum winning can go as high as 250 coins. It's not really that big at all, but once you start to play for the free spins, you won't think of it as much of a bother.

What Fruits to Go for

There are a handful of symbols available in the game, mostly fruits of course--watermelons, lemons, grapes and the like. What you might want to aim for are the Pub Fruity Symbols as they're the ones that can net you the 250 coin jackpot. Yes, the Jackpot is indeed pretty modest at this point, but you've got to wait till you try out their bonus game. One other thing is that every time you spin, some symbols have numbers attached to them. These numbers determine how many moves you take in the ladder. They may get you some cool free spins and if you're lucky, you might win the 500 coin Jackpot!


This is a pretty interesting game that will get you the chance to get some extra big winnings. Every spin you make, there are some symbols on the reels which have a dart attached to them. You have to get three of them as quickly as possible before the machine resets the number of darts. Once you get three of them, you'll be directed into the darts mini game wherein you're going to choose from one of the three dart players. If your chosen player wins third place, you get 50 coins, if he goes for 2nd place, you get a good 100 coins, but if he wins 1st place, you get a huge 1000 coins! Now that's some big rewards there.