Treasure Ireland Slots

Treasure Ireland Slots can look like the usual 3-reel fruit slot machine, but it can be unique since it has a very different theme apart from the others. It's developed by Microgaming, so you can pretty much expect a lot of bright lights, colorful design and classic sound and music to emit that classic slots gaming people go for in live casinos. Well, basically, it has 3 reels which is perfect for simple gamers and those who love fast paced gaming. Although it only has 1 payline available, you won't be very much bothered by that fact since the game has a bonus feature in it. You're sure to find your share of treasure here in this machine as you play your spins and win as big as 500 coins. The value of a coin here is fixed, so the betting range isn't all that good. Still, the jackpot is pretty sweet if you manage to get lucky and win it.

It's the Pirates!

When you see a pirate, you really should run away for your life, but in Treasure Ireland Slots, it is an exception. What you would want to look out for is the pirate symbol. There are other symbols used in the game that will net you some profit, but the most valuable one would be the pirate symbol. This little Irish pirate symbol will net you the jackpot in the game, which is 500 coins! That's a hefty sum if you ask me. Well, if you want more, this game sure has more for its players. You won't get bored spinning its reels since you'll actually get chances to play its bonus round.

X Marks the Spot

Of course, in every treasure hunt on an island, well in this case in Ireland, you're going to need one thing. And that one thing is a treasure map with an X marked on it. Same goes with Treasure Ireland Slots. When you spin those reels, some symbols may have an attached map to them with an X. Once you get three of these appear on the screen regardless if they're on the pay line or not, you get the opportunity to play the bonus game. The game may take a little skill, which is actually a good thing since you're going to be interacting with the machine a bit. Active playing means you won't get bored by it very quickly. In the bonus game, you can win coins, free spins and more, so it's all good.