Fat Lady Sings Slots

Fat Lady Sings Slots

The fat lady in the saying It's not over until the fat lady sings actually refers to the opera singer. She is a voluptuous woman with as many curves as the notes she can reach. Personally hear how she manages to reach these notes through the Fat Lady Sings slots, a game with 5 reels and 25 paylines.

There are major symbols in the game, all representing the fat lady in different aspects - the viking fat lady, the opera singer fat lady, and the Hindu fat lady. Other symbols in the game include the classic symbols Ace, King, Queen, and Jack. As you see, there are few symbols used in the game. This just means that there are higher chances of winning for you.

The Fat Lady's Game Plan

Fat Lady Sings slots is designed in such a way that winning is easier relative to other slot games. You can wager as much as .01$ to .5$ coin size increment. Winning can give you a jackpot prize of 3,000 times the initial bet. If you win in the bonus feature, you'll get even more than that.

Expect many bright colors in this game, much like in a real opera. There are also glasses and other furniture breaking everywhere, as the fat lady belts out a tune with her powerful voice. The sounds in the game are also similar to what you'd hear in a real opera.

The Mask of Fortune

The thespian mask is probably the most valuable symbol in this slot game. This mask serves as the scatters of the game. If three to five of these appear in any of the reels, then you are automatically redirected to the bonus features of the game. This bonus feature is unsurprisingly meaty, as the fat lady's appetite is quite big itself.

Fat Bonuses for You

The first bonus feature is called Pick a Pitch. Your task is to select a pitch (high, medium, or low) and shatter as many glass furniture as you can. There are three rounds for this. First, you'll be breaking wine glasses. This round will reward you free spins. Then, you must break as many vases as you can in the second round. If you succeed, then your free spins in the first round will be multiplied. In the third round, you are now supposed to break beer glasses. You will win an additional cash prize for this one.