You Lucky Barstard Slots

I didn't call you Bastard!

You Lucky Barstard Slots really has a very daring title for an online slot machine, but you'll get it once you start winning of course. It's a simple traditional 3 reel, 1 pay line slot machine developed by Microgaming. You'll find it to be pretty humorous as you spin the reels along. Although, you might be bothered about the jackpot, which is only an average of 100 coins and 250 coins for the top bonus jackpot, don't let that get to you. The betting range is anywhere from 0.1 to 10 so you'll be well rewarded if your bet is high enough. Not to mention that there are more than one way to get some winnings. On the surface, You Lucky Barstard Slots looks good in terms of the graphics, with an excellent choice of colour scheme, and it looks really attractive to players. The sound bank also has a good number of sound effects and catch phrases for you to enjoy and you'll find it quite humorous playing this game, which makes it a lot more entertaining as compared to other video slots out there.

I didn't Call You Bastard!

I really didn't. The game's theme is focused on bars. Well, actually, the game's symbols are all bars. Don't get me wrong, it's not at all confusing since the bars have different colors and double and triple bars too. What's great about this game is that it will get you to actively engage while you play. There is the nudge feature as well as the hold feature which is great if you have the skill for it. It really is a great fruit machine to play on and the game's humor will get you going as well. If still you're not lucky enough to win the normal game even with the nudges and holds, you might get lucky on the bonus game.

Not Lucky Enough?

If still you're not winning enough on the normal spins, you might get lucky enough to win something from the game's bonus feature. To get to the bonus game, you're going to need a different type of luck. You need to line up three black bar symbols in three successive spins. Yes it's still pretty difficult to do, but once you get it, you can win something as big as 250 coins from the bonus game. The smallest win in the bonus feature is a decent 25 coins already, so it surely is worth it.