Wheel of Wealth Slots

Wheel of Wealth Slots

Wheel of Wealth Slots is basically an online slot machine developed by Microgaming, which is already pretty famous for a number of slot machines over the internet today. Well, the theme of the machine is based on the wheel of fortune and the game uses the classic symbols that you can find in Vegas casino slots. The game is pretty simple since it only has 3 reels built in it, but do not get me wrong, you can win as big as 5000 coins in Wheel of Wealth. Each coin in the game is fixed to a dollar's worth, so, that is $5000 and the second jackpot is 2000 coins. That is big if you ask me. There are a total of 8 winning combinations in the game, so it is a good thing that players will have a good chance of getting something out from their spins while they play. Now, how exactly do you win in the game, you might ask.

The Symbols in the Wheel

If you are new to playing slots, you've got to line up certain combinations of symbols in order to win something. First off, you need to know what symbols matter in the game. The symbols that you need to look for in your spins are the Wheel of Wealth Symbol, Spin symbol, the Bars and of course the cherry symbol. These will net you a good number of coins depending on which one you successfully combine. But the special symbol that you'd need to look out for is the Wheel of Wealth which is the game's wild symbol. Wild symbols are used to replace other symbols and if you have manage to use the wild symbols in winning something, your prize is automatically multiplied. Your winnings will be multiplied by two if you manage to use a wild symbol in winning and it'll be multiplied by four if you get the chance to use two of them.

Test Your Luck in the Wheel of Wealth

One really great addition in the game is the bonus game. Not many 3-reel virtual slot machines have bonus games in them, but this online slot machine has one. The bonus game is pretty simple anyway. All you have to do is to spin the wheel and get your reward depending on the prize you get from spinning it. Still, it's a pretty neat addition to the game.