Thousand Islands Slots

Thousand Islands Slots

Salad Dressing?! No, no, you've got it all wrong. Thousand Island Slots is not exactly the salad dressing you were thinking of. It's a simple three-reel slot machine which has a classic design to it. First off, I know that you may be thinking that 3-reel slot machines are all dull and boring, but there are those that successfully deliver the fun and excitement players are supposed to experience when playing slots. The thing is that it has a pretty straightforward gameplay, which makes it really friendly to beginners and casual players alike. Another thing about three-reel machines is that the pace of the game is pretty fast since you have only three reels to watch out for, so you're actually doing more spins per amount of time. Thousand Island Slots may not appear to be very flashy in terms of its design, but its simplicity will surely keep you comfortable while playing. Another good thing about the machine is that its wild symbol can be used in more than one way.

Thousand Islands - Thousand Symbols?!

Well, not really, but it does make use of a number of symbols commonly used in classic slot machines like cherries, bars and some lucky 7's. But what you'd really want to watch out for is the wild symbol, which in this case is a 1,000 chip. This is a really nifty addition to the classic game of slots as it can multiply a small winning into a good amount of coins for you. Well, the wild symbol once used as a part of a winning combination can double your winnings. What's more is that if by any chance you make 2 of them appear in the pay line, your win will be quadrupled. So, it's a nice way to boost up your prizes in this machine.

The Drawback

What's disappointing in the game is the fact that it doesn't have any special features like bonus games or mini games. And another is that it only has a single pay line available. But that's just it, the game is focused on letting the players feel how it's like to play a classic game of slots in an actual casino. Everything from the sound effects to the music is themed after those classic slot machines in live casinos. So, it's not really that big of a let down. If you're looking for a fast-paced action from a classic-themed slot machine, this one definitely delivers.