Track and Field Mouse Slots

If you're looking for some classic fun on slot machines, Track And Field Mouse Slots is a good bet. Track And Field Mouse is a simple 3 reel slot machine with a single payline available. It was developed by Microgaming, so you can expect smooth gaming and classic sound and music. At a glance, the slot machine is pretty interesting. There's a picture of a couple of mice on the field on the background and it looks simply cartoonish and colorful, simply attractive. The symbols on the reels are mostly fruits and symbols commonly used in traditional slot machines. And the sound will make you keep on going with your spins. The biggest thing you can get out of your spins is a good 500 coins, which isn't so bad. Coins can be worth from 0.1 to 10, so it's a good range of bets. Most players will feel welcome in the game whether he is a small time player or a high roller.

Symbols to Keep You on Your Feet

There are a bunch of symbols on the reels on the machine. Most of them are fruits like lemons, cherries, oranges and there are also bars. What you might want to go for are the mouse symbols. These are the ones that can get you a good amount of coins. If you're looking for a strategy to play in this game, a good one would be to play the percentage method of gaming wherein you keep on betting a fixed percentage of your total credits at hand.

Bonus Runs

In Track and Field Mouse Slots, there isn't just one field to run on. It's basically a three in 1 game. You can get a lot of free spins as you play along your spin along. You'll really start to have fun once you start getting 1 up to 50 free spins! The bonus game plays like a multi-line slot machine and the payout is viewed on the left. Also, there are features that will make you feel that you're playing at a real live casino. Features like the nudge and hold will surely keep you engaged throughout the game.

Overall, the virtual slot machine is a pretty good one if you want to actively play. This is probably one of the most interactive 3-reel slot machines out there and it'll never be a dull moment, especially if you're winning.