Halloweenies Slots

Some of the most interesting slot games that you will find on the internet today have special holidays as their theme. These types of online slots are always fun to play as all the elements associated with each specific holiday are present.

But this is not the only reason why Microgaming's holiday-themed online slots are popular among online players. Excellent graphics, bonus features, an interface that's easy to navigate plus some great rewards are some of the reasons why Microgaming slots are a favorite of avid slot players.

Halloweenies online slot game is one such holiday-themed slot from Microgaming that is very popular among all players new and old alike.

Tricky Treats at Halloweenies

Halloweenies is an online slot with five reels and twenty paying lines giving players more chances to win in each spin. The theme, as you might have already guessed, is based on this popular holiday where ghouls and spooks abound for just one night.

The graphics are perfect for the theme as each image is something that will perhaps creep up behind you on Halloween like witches and werewolves, skeletons and the most popular character during Halloween - Frankenstein.

However, the images are not made out to look scary instead, they are somewhat made to look like funny animations so even those who are not very fond of Halloween will surely love this game.

Although some might find the lay-out a little too colorful for their taste, still, it's a small price to pay considering how much fun you're going to have playing Halloweenies.

Halloweenies' Bagful of Treats

In keeping with the tradition of giving away treats to trick-or-treaters during Halloween, Halloweenies likewise has plenty of treats for players which will have them knocking for more.

There is a Wild icon here, as well as a Scatter icon. Both these icons can tremendously help you get more coins in your games. There is also a bonus round which will again, give you more coins after you've completed the bonus rounds.

The icon that says WILD on it is your Wild symbol. This one can replace any of your other icons on your reels, excluding the Scatter so you can come up with a winning reel. If you get two or more of the Wild here, you get a corresponding prize multiplier.

The Scatter is the icon that says SCATTER on it. If you get 3 and over of this one, you get a corresponding prize. Finally, the bonus round is unlocked when you spot at least three pumpkins on your regular spin.