Hot Shot Slots

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Big Shot Hot Shots

When you play Hot Shots online slots, you will definitely feel like a big shot once you start counting the coins you will get to win in every game.

Hot Shots is an online slot with five reels and nine paying lines. Don't be deceived with the nine-paying lines feature because there are still plenty of opportunities for any player to win big in this game.

The game is based on one of the most popular ball games around the world, baseball. The icons you will find here are items that you will generally see in a regular baseball game including caps, hotdogs, coffee cups, a batter, pitcher, trophy and a baseball.

You can bet only one coin per reel at a maximum of two dollars; totaling eighteen dollars as the maximum amount that you can bet per spin.

Bring Home the Bacon

It's very easy for you to bring home the bacon in this game. First of all, there are icons here that can really help you out: the Wild and Scatter images.

A fiery baseball is your Wild icon here and when this one shows up on any of your reels, you can replace any of your other images, excluding the Scatter, so you can come up with a good combination to help you win.

The trophy is the Scatter icon in the game and when you get two or more of it, you get a corresponding prize. If luck is on your side, your winnings can go as high as a hundred times over.

So this is not your basic five-reel slot game with nine playing lines because this is one nine-paying line slot where you can still win big.