Jungle Jim Slots

Jungle Jim is no longer just a play tool for children at least not on the internet. Microgaming has once again spun new meaning to an old childhood toy by creating an online slot game that is based solely on the name of the play tool and not on the object itself - Jungle Jim.

This play with words and well-known subjects are what makes online slot games even more interesting particularly for first-time player. Microgaming has been providing great gaming software for more than a decade now and with all their latest gaming developments; they remain as the leading gaming software developers in the industry.

Their online slots are especially popular among online player from all over the world.

Joining Jim in the Jungle

If you love adventure and wouldn't mind roughing it out a bit once in awhile, then you're going to love Jungle Jim slots. This online slot game from Microgaming has five reels and fifteen paying lines.

The wild jungle is the backdrop of the game with all sorts of creepy crawlies; Jungle Jim; an old safari-clad man; huge spiders; snakes and an alligators in the game.

The interface is very easy to navigate and the graphics are actually very well-done as the characters and images come out in great colors. All the elements in the lay-out are well-placed so that you won't get confused when you look at your reels or check out the pay table.

You can bet up to a maximum of ten coins per paying line with the maximum amount of fifty cents per line; or a total of seventy-five coins in every game.

Winning in Jungle Jim Slots

There are a variety of ways that you can win in the Jungle Jim slots. With the help of the Wild, Scatter and Bonus trigger; you can increase your total winnings per game.

The Wild is an icon that says Wild on it so it's not hard to miss. You can replace any of your icons on your reels when the Wild shows up, excluding the Scatter and the Bonus trigger.

The Scatter is also very easy to spot as the icon has the word Scatter on it. If you get at least three of it in your game, you will be given a corresponding prize.

Finally, the Alligator is the Bonus trigger which will reward you with bonus spins if you unlock it. Your winnings during the free spins will automatically multiply up to ten times!