Loaded Slots


Microgaming likes creating slot games with themes that are a little bit outrageous, humorous, and loads of fun to play! They make caricatures out of popular characters to make their themes even more appealing to their players.

The other factor that makes Microgaming's online slots such a huge hit among all players worldwide is the playability of all their games. This means that each of their online slots is very easy to understand, the interface is user-friendly and the instructions are so simple that you will find yourself understanding everything in one reading.

Loaded is a game from Microgaming that has loads of fun and features for every player.

Get Loaded with Loaded

Loaded slots is an online slot that plays with the hip-hop music scene. Here, you will have your fill of everything hip-hop - artists, cold cash, yachts, luxury cars, a turntable and a music award are the images that you will see here.

This game has five reels and twenty-five paying lines. The highest coin denomination that you can bet on every paying line is only twenty-five cents which makes your total maximum bet only sixty-two dollars and fifty cents, if you bet on all paying lines with the maximum coins.

This is the perfect low-risk online slot game for starters who want to enjoy the faster-paced slots; and for regular players who want to put in a little extra cash in their bankrolls before playing the high-risk games.

Loads of Help

With Loaded slots, you will get loads of help from certain icons so that you will get to win any amount of coins on every game, as much as possible.

There are the usual helpful icons here such as the Wild and Scatter.

The Wild in this game is a picture of Triple 7 the man with a Triple 7 around his neck. He can replace any of your other images on your reels, excluding the Scatter, so you can have a winning reel. The Wild can also multiply your winnings by up to three times if you use him in a winning reel.

The Scatter is a picture of a microphone held by a bejeweled hand. Getting two and over of this picture will give corresponding prizes. However, get three of this and you can win bonus spins and their equivalent prize multipliers.

There is a gamble feature in this game which can immediately increase your total winnings but only if you win.