Magic Spell Slots

Microgaming had once again provided their players with another intriguing and fun filled slots game called Magic Spell. This game is somewhat based on the world of Harry Potter especially when it comes to a school of magic which is not attended by humans but of different kinds of creatures. Magic Spell has 5 reels and 25 pay lines including new features that makes this game an action packed magical treat for everyone. Aside from the usual creatures that roam this school, it is also a mixture of Halloween so don't be surprised to find some icons related to it. Halloween is indeed a time for some fun and a little bit of magic so come and play Magic Spell and experience it for yourself.

Learning a Spell

Magic Spell is not just about spells and such but understanding the game. First time players may have a little bit difficulty adjusting to this type of game especially since there are now 25 pay lines. The concept is the same but to get the most out of the game, employing a strategy makes sense. Also knowing the different icons and their uses is important as these will give you access to the different prizes and bonuses in the game. Knowing the maximum amount of coins that you can bet is also an ideal step to learn especially if you are going to use it on your strategy. Every little detail helps in this game which is why understanding its concept is important. Don't worry, once you get used to the game, you will be finding yourself spinning away and trying to get your hands on those fantastic prizes.

Ingredients for a Magic Spell

Players should be able to identify the different icons that they will be encountering in this game. Since the theme is Halloween, the icons are all related to this event which is why you will be seeing some witches, werewolves, Frankenstein himself and some skeletons. Did I mention that this is Halloween? This means that you will also get to find some delicious treats like chocolates, jellies, licorice, and the like. The most important icon that you can possibly find here are the jack o' lanterns. Line up many of these icons on your active pay line and you will be playing the bonus round. In the bonus round you get to pick a pumpkin out of thirteen all of which has a corresponding prize behind it. Who knows you might bring home more than just a jackpot but a bonus pot as well.