Mayan Princess Slots

Mayan Princess has 5 reels, 20 pay lines, and over 30 possible winning combinations. This game was created by Microgaming and was released to the public in April 2009. The Mayan Princess Slots game is based on the Mayan society where you will find various icons all pertaining to this historical culture. Packed with arresting graphics and sounds, players will be amazed\ on this superb game not to mention the amount of prizes waiting to be won. Mayan Princess will take you to the deepest parts of their civilization and bring you a glimpse of their world through this exotic game that will keep you coming back for more. Knowing how the game is played will definitely keep you from losing more than you should which is why it is best to know the different factors such as the amount that you can possibly bet and so on. To get the most out of the game, be sure to risk a little by playing the maximum amount of coins. Who knows, you just might be lucky enough to get the biggest prize yet.

The Mayan Symbols

The symbols that you will be seeing in this game are all based on the Mayan culture. You will find sun disks, maize, warriors, princesses, man, alligator, bird, tiger, peppers, corn and the Mayan Princess logo. Each of these icons has their own corresponding prizes which can be seen in the payout table of the game. Of course, knowing which ones that have the best prize to give is also important. The jackpot prize that you can bring home from Mayan Princess is worth 5,000 coins plus other bonuses. Watch out for the logo of the Mayan Princess as this acts as the wild symbol. It can take the place of any other icons in this game except for the scatter symbol. The Pyramids are the scatter symbol and when you line it up with reels 1 and 5, you will have the chance for free spins. You can also get to multiply your winnings up to double depending on the multiplier that you will be activating.

Why Play Mayan Princess Slots?

This game is filled with great prizes and bonuses that not only brings you an idea on what the Mayan culture is but also get to be amazes with the effortless animation and graphics of the reels and the icons, not to mention the sounds that are life like. Playing Mayan Princess will definitely fall into the category of games that should not be missed.