Muchos Grande Slots

A Mexican inspired video slots game, Muchos Grande will definitely attract you with its great graphics that remains true to its theme not to mention the accompanying sound effects and symbols. Muchos Grande has 5 reels, 15 pay lines and a host of other features including bonuses, multipliers, wild symbols and the like. Chances of winning here are great especially with these added features. There are numerous ways to win large amounts of prizes in this Mexican craze. So what are you waiting for? Play this fantastic video slot game and be transported to the Mexican desert and win tons of prizes. You wouldn't be having any siesta at all when you start spinning the reels.

The Way of the Mexican

Muchos Grande may be a bit difficult at first especially for those who are just starting to take the next level in slots game. But never fear, Microgaming makes sure that you will understand it in no time. The first thing that novices should learn about is the game's interface, where the reels are placed, the buttons and the payout table. The next is the symbols used in the game. These symbols represent the prizes so you should know which ones are the most important. Of course, players should also know how much they can possibly bet on the game.

Mexican Symbols

The symbols found in Muchos Grande are true to the theme of Mexico which is why you will find here chili peppers, a Mexican wearing a sombrero, rattle snake, golden coin, donkey, avocado and so much more. These symbols have their own prizes depending on how many you manage to reel on your active pay line. These symbols have their own prizes so make sure to check the payout table for the list. Of course, there are only three symbols that you should be watching out for. Take for example the golden coin. The golden coin is the wild symbol here, and it can take the place of any other symbols in your pay line to produce a winning combination. Line up five of these in your active pay line and you will be getting the jackpot prize. The scatter symbol is in the form of the rattlesnake. Spin this icon on any reels and your winnings will be multiplied. The treasure map on the other hand is the icon for free spins. So if you manage to spin three of these icons on your pay line you will be triggering the bonus round. The bonus round is a treasure map where you will choose which destination you wish to go to and to see whether there is any prize to be won.