Peek a Boo Slots

If you're looking for a different taste in slots gaming then you might want to checkout Peek-a-Boo Slots. Peek-a-Boo Slots is a uniquely themed icon, with a little more than what conventional classic slot game could offer. After all, if you're playing with ghosts, you need a little extra to win. With Peek-a-Boo Slots, you are sure to get some load of winnings with five paylines you can activate with just five coins.

Why Play with Ghost on Your Slot Machine?

Peek-a-Boo Slots is a ghost-themed slot games developed by Microgaming. While it uses practically the same platform as many of its slot games, Peek-a-Boo Slots offer a new taste in slots gaming with this interesting slot variety. The nice thing about this game is its theme. The slot game looks neither trashy nor creepy despite the hooting owls and other eerie background noises, making it perfect for Halloween or for people who enjoy something supernatural but don't want to be scared.

Ghostly Entertaining Icons

With Peek-a-Boo Slots, you can never go wrong with the icons. There are seven icons used in the game, namely: the Single Bar, the Double Bar, the Triple Bar, the Ghost the Kid and the Bo icons. If you're aiming for the big win, be sure to keep track of the Boo icons on your reels, because placing them where you need it gives you a shot to win the Peek-a-Boo Slots top prize.

Supernatural Winnings, Anyone?

Peek-a-Boo Slots is a three-reel, five payline slot machine. That means with three reels, you get to enjoy four more paylines compared to your conventional classic slot machines. This of course, potentially increases your odds of winning. There are five ways to win the major prizes. All you have to do is to lineup three Boo icons on your activated reel to win the top prizes. The first payline wins 1,000 coins, the second gives you 2,000, the third 3,000, the fourth payline 4,000 and the fifth payline gives you 6,000 coins. Considering that it only needs a maximum of one coin to activate a certain payline, having a shot for 6,000 coins has never been cheaper.

Apart from the major prizes you can also win minor prizes. Three hero kid symbols, for example pays 300 coins, three ghost icons gives 200 coins while three triple-bar symbols pays out 100 coins. There are also prizes for three double-bars, three single-bars and any triple bar icons. With eleven ways to win, its high time to spin that reels as often as you want to.