Mark of Medusa Slots

Mark of Medusa is a thrilling game based on the mythological creature Medusa whose power can turn you into stone if you look at her. This game will not turn you into stone however but can turn you into a winner especially with the number of prizes waiting for the lucky player. Though the game is quite simple enough especially since it is almost the same as the other Microgaming video slots, Mark of Medusa makes it up with the multipliers and scatter icons that increases your chances of bringing home more than the usual. You might find the sounds and graphics much like the same as the others but the overall impact is just right especially when you compare to other slots game that are quite attractive but does not offer much.

Playing Medusa's Game

Mark of Medusa is a video slot game that is composed of five reels, twenty five pay lines and a host of icons and so on. The amount of each coin ranges from 0.01 to 0.25 where you can put up to twenty coins in each pay line. This will probably give you the edge on this game especially if you hit the right winning combination. If you are willing to risk a little to gain more, then bet the maximum amount. Rest assured that the multipliers and scatter symbols are also available so you might just get lucky enough to land some top prizes as you spin the reels. If you are already familiar with some of the games by Microgaming, you will soon be able to work your way through Mark of Medusa.

Symbols That Matter

Players of Mark of Medusa should know the different icons that they will be seeing in this game. After all, these are the ones that you will need to get the best prizes in the house. The symbol of Medusa is the wild symbol in this game and when you spin 1 to 5 of her symbols across your pay line and you might get to use its multipliers where the maximum is 10,000. If not, she can still stand as another icon to give you that extra hand in completing a winning combination, though she cannot take the place of Pegasus. The symbol of Pegasus however, provides you with the best icon in this game especially if you spin 2 or more of it in any of your active pay line. Spinning more than 2 Pegasus icons will give you a chance to multiply your winnings from 1 to 100 and also a chance to get some free spins where your prize can just triple in an instant.