stash of the Titans Slots

Amalgamation of ancient Greek mythology and perspectives of the 21st century results in one amazing game and this game is called Stash of the Titans Slot powered by Microgaming.

Stash of the Titans slot is an enthralling video slot game that has 5 reels and 20 pay lines. This game generally has an ancient mythology theme that is also inspired by the cartoon flick, Hercules. Stash of the Titans slot is a game that purely depicts the life of the gods with the use of perfectly-detailed symbols, first-rate graphics, appealing sounds, quick and easy game play as well as colossal payouts if you complete the winning combinations.

Stash of the Titans allows you to live in the land of the gods with only a minimum of 0.01 to a maximum of 40.00 per game. Get a chance to win enormous prizes of 10,000 (regular game) up to 40,000 coins (free spins). Playing slots has never been this good. Learn more about Greek Mythology and get big bonuses with only one click of the button. You don't need to have supernatural abilities to procure the Stash of the Titans.

Stash of the Titans slot is a simple 21st century masterpiece that will bring you a portion of the past and a slight peek of the future, so what are you waiting for? Play Stash of the Titans at your favorite online casino.

Emblems of the Gods

The fact that Stash of the Titans slot has a Greek mythological theme, it is most appropriate that the game should use symbols that would accentuate the theme. These mythological characters include Cereus, Pegasus, the snake-haired Medusa, and the terrifying Greek creature, Kraken. With all these realistic illustrations and a state-of-the-art slot game features what more can you ask for?

Aside from these exciting winning emblems, Stash of the Titans slot also incorporates wild and scatter symbols to add more fire to the game. The Stash of the Titans logo acts as the wild symbol and it substitutes for all the remaining symbols across the reels. By hitting three or more of this stash of the titans logo, you can earn more than 10 times multiplier actions. The Medusa icon is the scatter symbol. This icon usually appears anywhere on the reels. If you hit three or more of this icon, you can double or quadruple your winnings and play the bonus round.

Defeat Medusa and Win your Reward

With Medusa's stare, you can instantly be turned into stone but if you defeat her, you can receive a hefty reward from the gods. Reveal three or more of Medusa across the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels and earn 15 free spins. All winnings are doubled during the bonus round.