Jonny Specter Slots

When you play slot game on the internet, you will soon discover that there are literally hundreds of themes that you can choose from. The themes are actually what call the attention of the players and if they don't get a good first impression, slot players will most likely move on to the next.

This is why Microgaming has always made sure that whatever slot games they provide to online players, are of excellent quality; with a good blend of all the right components that make for a good online slot game.

The wide variety of Microgaming's online slots range from spooky characters turned into something funny; heroes and villains made to look like caricatures; and even spins on old clichГѓВ©s.

Ghost Busting Jonny Specter

Jonny Specter is an online slot from Microgaming with five reels and twenty paying lines. If you're only starting to play online slots now, there's no better game to start with than this one. Jonny Specter is full of animation that you don't normally find in other online slot games.

The lay-out is very colorful but not so much that your eyes will hurt if you stare at it long enough. The images consist of characters and objects that you will see in the beloved 1980s movie including Jonny Specter himself, ghouls, contraptions, a Mona Lisa painting and a haunted mansion, among other things.

Just recently released October 2008, the game has since gained a huge loyal following because of its immensely entertaining animation and special features.

Wandering Ghouls, Ghosts and Haunted Mansions

A Wandering Ghoul, Ghost and Haunted Mansion are three very important images in this game as they can greatly increase your winnings. The first two images are your Wild and Scatter icons, respectively; while the last one is your Bonus trigger.

The Wandering Ghoul really wanders all over your screen and he will prey on any of your images to turn it into a Wild icon so really, he is nothing to be scared of. The Wild can replace any of your icons on your reels excluding the Scatter so you can have a winning combination.

When you spot the Scatter on your screen and you get at least two of it in one spin, you will be rewarded with a corresponding prize. If you get three and over, you will be given additional spins where you can win even more coins as there is also a Wild in your free spins.

The Haunted Mansion unlocks the Bonus Game feature.