Double Wammy Slots

Double Wammy Slots

There is an expression that means bad incidents happening at the same time and this is called double wammy. But in the case of the Double Wammy slots game, these bad incidents are turned into good ones as loads of prizes can be yours for the taking if you manage to spin the right combinations. Double Wammy has become one of the favorites of online slots players due to the fact that it is fun and exciting not to mention almost the same as the ones they play in land based casinos. Though the sounds of Double Wammy may be the same as other classic slots game, the graphics and colors are definitely new and pleasing to the eye. Double Wammy is the kind of classic slots game that you will find entertaining and at the same time earning you money.

Wammy Rules

Double Wammy is simple enough to understand since it is almost the same as the other classic slots game by Microgaming. If you are already familiar with the other slots game, then you will definitely find this game easy. Knowing the rules of Double Wammy is important especially for those who will be playing slots for the first time. This way you will get to practice more on your spins and bets. Of course, you must identify the symbols as well as the winning combinations of this game so you will know what to look out for. There is also the different amount of bet that you can place in this game which ranges from $0.25 to $5. Learning this will help you think of a strategy to win the most out of your game.

Symbols That Matter

Symbols that are important in this game are just the same as the classic slots which include bars, sevens, and cherries. The cherries provide you with wins whether you spin only one. Bars and sevens all have their corresponding prizes which are seen in the payout table. The Double Wammy symbol is the best symbol as this acts as the wild card here. As the wild symbol, the Double Wammy can take the place of other symbols in a winning combination. Of course, spinning three Double Wammys will earn you the jackpot prize. The Double Wammy symbol also acts as a multiplier so if you spin two symbols your winnings will be doubled. It is highly recommended that you play the maximum bet to get the better chances of winning the jackpot.