Fruit Salad Slots

Fruit Salad Slots

Are you craving for the most luscious fruits topped with whip and other indulging sweets? Well, if the answer is yes, you do not have to look any further. You can enjoy the sight of these delectable fruits in the Fruit Salad Slot game powered by Microgaming. Fruit Salad Slots is a multi-slot game with three-reels and three pay lines. The game is quite remarkable despite its traditional theme (since most slot machines use fruits as symbols). Fruit Salad Slot is almost fluorescent and it is definitely great for players who are merely searching for entertainment. Be inspired by the colorful graphic symbols; however, Fruit Salad Slot does not only settle for sheer entertainment as this game also provides intriguing yet hefty sums of cash and bonuses. If you are tired of those advanced slot game versions and want to go back to basics, then Fruit Salad Slot is the perfect game for you.

Pick a Fruit for Your Holiday Dessert

Fruit Salad Slot is definitely one of the most attractive slot games you can discover online. This game not only uses the traditional slot symbols like the bars and card values but it also uses tropical fruits which you can find in the Caribbean. Fruit Salad Slot uses a wide variety of colorful fruit symbols that are easy to depict. Players can enjoy this game without having to spend a big amount yet experience the greatest fun in return. You can bet the initial amount of $0.25 to a maximum of $5.00 or bet a maximum amount of $15 per spin.

Aside from the enticing themed-related fruit symbols, Fruit Salad Slot also has a wild symbol that makes the game more exciting than ever. The Fruit Salad Symbol is the wild symbol that can be substituted to other remaining symbols to form the winning combination. Spin three of these in a line and you are in for the best prizes. You can win up to 5000 coins in total winnings.

Get your Fruit Salad Only at the Best Places

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