Golden Dragon Slots

Golden Dragon Slots

Golden Dragon is believed to be the most powerful mythical creature especially during the medieval period. However, playing Microgaming's Golden Dragon Slot will make you believe that the golden dragon is not only the most powerful but also the luckiest.

Golden Dragon Slot is a three-reel five pay line slot machine that has a bonus feature. This game has brilliant graphic designs and the sound is impressively ancient; you'll feel like you're deep in the golden dragon's lair. The spinning of the reels are quite smooth and the sound effects perfectly suits the game. The payout structure is also divine. You can start the game with only $0.25 up to $20.00 plus the jackpot prize reaches to $100,000. Let Golden Dragon Slot take you to an enchanting place that you'll never forget. Be surprised with what's in store for you.

Dig Up Gold from the Dragon's Lair

Without a doubt, Golden Dragon Slot is one of those few traditional slot games that dare to take you into a new level of gaming. Welcoming you to the game is the dragon resting quietly upon piles of gold and riches. Golden Dragon Slot is simply outstanding. The pay tables and the interface are perfectly devised to let you have an experience worthwhile. The icons used in the game are very traditional yet the primordial theme is still intact. For only $0.25, you can explore the dragon's lair and dig up for gold. But before you can enjoy a game from Golden Dragon, you should flawlessly understand the rules and the game play. Remember that Golden Dragon has 5 pay lines so you can effectively devise a wagering plan to keep you from getting busted.

Explore the Seven Seas and Discover the Ultimate Dragon's Lair

While Golden Dragon is so easy to comprehend, it is never boring. Every spin will definitely be breath-taking as you wait for that elusive jackpot prize. However, Golden Dragon slot always leave you with a significant catch. The bonus game will serve as your celebrated victory against the golden dragon.

You can add spice to the game by hitting the dragon, which is the wild symbol of the game. The dragon greatly increases your chances of winning. All you have to do is reveal him across the line and it will substitute the remaining icons. If you accomplish that, you can win up to 5,000 coins as a hefty bonus.