Jack In the Box Slots

Jack in the Box slot, a game powered by Microgaming, is quite a stirring game for children and children-at-heart. The game has a nursery-inspired theme filled with colorful blocks that reminds you of your happy childhood. There are bright illustrations and sound effects are essentially melodious. This game is absolutely fun to play with. You'll never have a single dull moment while playing Jack in the Box. One thing's for sure you'll surely find yourself enthusiastically waiting for that elusive wild symbol to appear.

Jack in the Box is a classic three-reel slot machine with an exciting bonus feature. This game has three reels and one pay line. Coin denominations start from $0.25 to a maximum of $5.00. You can bet up to a maximum of $10 per spin. All you have to do is hit the winning combination and win up to 5,000 coins. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try and maybe you can make the jack jump out of the box and win marvelous prizes.

A Game with Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box is a three-reel, one pay line slot machine. This means that there are three spinning wheels from which you can complete your winning combination. Prior to playing the game, you need to clear understanding of the rules, the payout structure and the icons used in the game. Jack in the Box casually uses the traditional BAR symbol, the cherry, seven in a cube plus Jack in the Box, which is from the main theme. For instance, you hit three seven cubes across the line; you can win up to 200 coins. Three 3-bar symbols payouts 100 coins. However, hitting a single cherry will only give you 6 coins. It is never that difficult to win in Jack in the Box. Just keep your eyes on the prize and don't let those special symbols slip away!

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What makes Jack in the Box tick? It is its multiplier/wild symbol that makes the game more exhilarating. The Jack in the Box symbol is the main attraction of the game. This is the multiplier/wild symbol that substitutes to all the remaining icons across the reel. If you hit three Jack in the Box symbols, you can win the top prize of 5,000 coins. The Jack in the Box symbol can double, triple or quadruple your winnings.